circleofhandsRelationships in organizations, communities, families and partnerships are a rich meaningful aspect of life. They bring us both joy and suffering.  If we see the inevitable glitches, conflicts, and even major crises,  as calls for higher levels of self-mastery and relationship competencies, we don’t have to resist them. With support and curiosity, we can transform perspectives and reality. We can accomplish those things which we can only do TOGETHER.

We are passionate about applying healing and transformative approaches to conflict.

Harmonia offers:

  • Community mediation.
  • Facilitation services for difficult conversation and multi-party conflicts.
  • Group Mediation.
  • Integrative Processes.
  • Services as a neutral in non-legal or legal disputes

We have been on the leading edge of changes in ADR, legal practice, sustainable practices and participatory governance, custom processes can be designed for you.

Licensed to practice law in Massachusetts. Member of Bar, U.S.D.C. Mass., Member of ABA, Southern California Mediation Association.

Opposition brings concord. Out of discord comes the fairest harmony. Heraclitus (Greek philosopher 535-475 BCE)

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