Group Facilitation


Groups  working together, production teams, intentional communities, boards of directors, nonprofits, municipal agencies, businesses, members of housing communities, social change organizations or people on opposite sides of political issues, may work less effectively than they could, because they are in conflict over values, goals, identities, interests, roles and other basic issues.

We help groups not yet in alignment, by carefully preparing for and structuring meetings so that they can discuss their issues in a constructive way. We focus on strengthening working relationships so that participants gain an understanding of each other’s perspectives and can strive to seek a better way forward and resolution of the group’s key obstacles and issues.

Steps involved.

First we do intake “situation assessment”, which enables the facilitators to understand the basic facts concerning the issues facing the group.

Process features

Then we prepare for a productive, rewarding and inspired meeting. We collaborate with group members to identify the sources of conflict, discussion goals and  possible outcomes, and a plan including a framework for effective communication. Before the meeting, we talk with many participants so that we have shared expectations about the dialogue so that everyone can participate constructively and with ease.

At the facilitated dialogue, we assist members by preparing the space for a productive discussion and by assisting in guiding the conversation. The facilitators will work to ensure that all participants have a voice in the discussion.

Harmonia facilitation sessions require an investment in meeting preparation and approximately 6-8 hours of meeting time which may occur in one session or multiple sessions. Each situation is unique, and we will customize the sessions to honor your group’s culture, needs and goals.