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Big Themes for 2021 & 2022

  1. Resilience – Bouncing Back and Moving Forward

2. Creating a Culture of cooperation

3. Staying Centered in a Time of Deconstruction and Creation

Resilience. Finding your true Nature. The Arts as a Path to Wholeness.

Cheryl is an inspiring speaker who offers fresh perspectives, insights and a wealth of professional, artistic and personal experience to share.   For many years, she has spoken and run programs for lawyers, women, service professionals, and sustainability and health care communities. As someone who has personally explored nature and the arts, many of Cheryl’s recent offerings have integrated these themes with those relating to law, service and healing.

A sample of this past year’s offerings include:

“Resilience,”  keynote for the Massachusetts, Newburyport,  and New Hampshire Bar Association’s program for small law firms, Newburyport, MA, June 2018.

“Finding Balance as Woman Lawyers,” workshop for the Northeastern University School of Law,  for the 10th Annual Women in the Law Conference, Boston, MA, June 2018

“#MeToo : Using Music and Poetry as Catalysts for dialogue among women,” two workshops for women, Kellogg- Hubbard Library, Montpelier, Vermont February and March 2019.

Ms. Conner has given guest lectured and given speeches at Columbia, Harvard, Northeastern, Suffolk, Boston University, Mount Holyoke, Marlboro College, at conferences for bar associations, continuing legal education programs, churches, temples, other spiritual groups and community centers and for foundations. She has been featured in national newspapers (the Boston Globe, Washington Post) on the radio (Public Radio International, community radio (wgdr) and written about in anthologies.

Cheryl is developing a curriculum for using the contemplative arts as a path of personal development. And, she continues to write and speak about how lawyers, women and all can learn more about their own personal resilience through better understanding nature.

For more information, contact Cheryl Conner here.

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