Group Harmonics Laboratory


“Don’t Fight Forces, Use them.” Buckminster Fuller (Inventor, visionary 1895-1983)

Could your team or production group use a creative approach to listen to each other more deeply? 

Does your group’s talk about “being connected”  match its walk?

Group Harmonics

  • ushers in new organizational development tools using sound, consciousness and the laws of nature.
  • catalyzes group, network and movement alignment, coherence and vitality.
  • offers group and sound technologies which activate  a resonant space in which dissonance dissolves; listening deepens; community expands; and inspiration and creativity increase.

A new book entitled Group Harmonics is forthcoming in 2017 and I am available for speaking engagements and training on the topic.

These new technologies are now being offered for the first time to organizations and corporations. To discuss using them in your firm or organization, contact Cheryl. Contact

“…man is a musical being. His origin is in the spoken Word. By sound was he sustained and by music he evolved. One day he will recognize music as a vital factor in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual evolution of the whole human race.”
Corinne Heline, (author and Christian mystic, 1882-1975)

 “Don’t attempt to reform man. An adequately organized environment will permit humanity’s original innate capabilities to become successful.” Buckminster Fuller (inventor and visionary, 1895-1983)

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