Cheryl Conner

Cheryl L. Conner    M.A.E., J.D.                                                                        Principal and Founder

I am passionate about supporting people and groups who are mission-driven and inspired. The businesses who succeed and bring everyone along. The organizations who provide goods which honor the earth, services which heal bodies, and arts which uplift spirits. The folks who make democracy real in local bakeries or in Washington D.C. And, I support the ones “just stepping into” these possibilities, who want a road map!clc2015pic-2

I am passionate because I’ve been on this road and have learned a few things.

I learned about and practiced law to understand how the world ticked.

  • Graduated from Harvard Law School, worked in big and small firm practice, state and federal government (as both an Assistant Attorney General and U.S. Attorney General), and for non-profits and boards with every kind of mission.

I studied economics and worked as an economist because I cared about economic justice.

  • Received the Masters in Economics from University of Michigan, consulted with corporations, government think tanks, and researched antitrust and business strategy.

I served in academia, lecturing and leading shifts in intellectual, practical and spiritual perspectives.

  • Was among leaders in developing integrative and holistic perspectives on law, sustainability and systems thinking in business, and cooperative economic approaches to health care.

I’ve  coached, led, and catalyzed lawyers, entrepreneurs, health providers and other groups to shift perspectives, create community, and launch successful ventures. 

  • Catalyzed H2O, an integrative health care initiative to create alternative community based models, supported incorporation, transformation and success of numerous non-profits and intentional communities.

My journey has included a deep exploration of the human experiment, and the nature of reality and spirit.

  • Since I was a girl, I tapped into the invisible world, the domain of the heart, and the subtle connection of all things. Now, Tibetan Buddhism and quantum physics finally make sense of it to me and there’s some wisdom here to share.

And, it is filled with music, art, poetry and beauty.

  • Composing music, playing piano, harp, singing, painting, writing poetry. Learning about how sound and color and words affect every aspect of human experience, including groups!

This day, I am grateful for this life, and every aspect coming together to enable me to serve you and your organization more fully, if you are inspired to work and play!

Whatever we care about, whatever we do, whatever we create, whatever we share, may it benefit everyone, let’s do it together, and let it be beautiful.  C.C.

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