Astrology Sessions

Individual Counseling

Offerings:  Cheryl offers astrology sessions for individuals, couples and groups, interested in enriching self-understanding and gaining perspective on current life challenges and opportunities. These can be done via zoom, telephone, or in-person in the Asheville area.

What is in a Session: In a session, the birth chart is read, and additionally, one can explore the significance of current astrological transits. You may bring some questions that you have at this time in your life, or just explore what is printed in the stars.  

Sessions are available for a minimum of 3/4 hour and up to 2 hours. Some people find it helpful to check in for follow-up sessions every quarter or 6 months, or when big life events are happening.  Sessions can be recorded on zoom for your repeated listening pleasure.

Optional:  The astrological reading can be complemented by a channeled musical presentation which arises from the contemplation of the chart by Cheryl, and received music via piano.

When it all started: Ten years ago, Cheryl had a life-changing experience, when a two hour astrology reading, blew her mind and led her to intensive self-study of these ancient system of astrology.  She began a deep dive into alternative approaches to Astrology through the portal of her own chart. 

Since then, she has used natal charts and transit patterns to help friends, colleagues and clients to enrich appreciation of their life purpose, there opportunities for livelihood and relationship, and the expression of their

Cheryl’s approach: “I see the star planet alignment in the natal chart as the embodiment of the prime energetic conditions which advance one’s soul purpose in this life.”  I would call this a soul evolutionary perspective on astrology.  Often during a reading, deep intuitive insights are received about the direction of one’s life or current situations.  

Sessions can be booked by contacting Cheryl at 

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